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Call for panels
11th Annual Conference of the Romanian Society for Social and
Cultural Anthropology (SASC)
Venue: Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj
Date: 21-22 November 2014


Modes of Appropriation and Social Resistance

Thirty years after the advent of resistance studies as a focal approach in anthropological research, the perspective remains necessary. Describing the processes of appropriation of material goods and symbolic values by powerful actors of the political and economic domains and critically scrutinizing the mechanisms underpinning these processes lie at the core of the discipline. Anthropologists bridge analyses focusing on the everyday forms of resistance of the disenfranchised and the marginal with more encompassing ways of understanding resistance, from structures of collaboration between the subaltern and those less disempowered, to forms of negotiating and disrupting power relations with or within states and supra-state institutions. Appropriation and resistance, as more general social mechanisms of power relations and adaptation, have been studied in processes of immigration, ethnic relations, etc., in new forms of cultural production and reproduction. Moreover, recent social transformations point to the urgency of once again thinking through the relation between power and resistance in redefined theoretical terms, fleshed out by ethnographic detail. The conference will bring together research revealing the guises of appropriation and resistance in various social contexts and at different scales, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe.
Confirmed keynote speaker: prof. Nancy Scheper-Hughes (Univ. of California, Berkeley)
Panel proposals: SASC invites convenors to submit panel proposals. Please provide a description (maximum 200 words) via the site of the conference. The languages of the conference are English, Romanian and Hungarian. Abstracts may be written in any of these languages. For panels in Romanian and Hungarian, please also provide the English translation. Panel proposals will be evaluated by the scientific committee of the conference. The deadline for panel proposals is: July 25th, 2014.
Themes. Panels can draw upon (but are not limited to) the following themes:
Appropriating Europe: modes of symbolic appropriation and emergence of the European identity, imperialist strategies, anti-dependency tactics and contestations, population movements across Europe, and the practical appropriation of the EU, such as coalition building and lobbying at the EU level.
Migration and resistance. Using a destination countries perspective, migration shall be understood as a process in which newly arriving immigrants appropriate certain spaces, rights, and opportunities, unsettling relations and eliciting reactions.
New forms of land enclosures and land grabbing in recent capitalist exploitations of rural areas of South-Eastern Europe (expropriations for public constructions, constraining land leasing, imposed forest and mineral exploitations etc.).
Post-socialist cities under siege: the new urban developments and the way they change the access to and the meaning of "the public space" (gentrification and social exclusion; suburbanization and limiting the access to the cities' surroundings; urban patrimonialization and its consequences; urban counterparts of post-socialist social stratification).
New expressions of political dissent: anti-austerity movements; ecological engagements and organized protests; new anti-system ideologies and groups that promote them etc.
Private appropriations within public domains: post-socialist privatization in health, education, public transportation, urban services etc., and their consequences for the quality of life.
All other proposals are welcome.
Venue: Faculty of Sociology and Social Work in Cluj, Babeș-Boyai University (UBB-FSSW), str. Plugarilor, nr. 34-36. Co-organizing partners for SASC2014: UBB-FSSW and Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities.
Requirements for panel proposals:
SASC requires that all panels be open to paper proposals through the conference website..
We encourage panel proposals to have at least two convenors, preferably from two different institutions.
SASC suggests convenors to limit panels, where possible, to two consecutive ninety-minute sessions, each of which can accommodate three to four paper presentations.
SASC encourages that the convenors appoint a discussant in each panel to make parallels, equivalences, and point differences with regard the empirical, methodological and theoretical approaches of each work presented.
Convenors may want to solicit the circulation of selected papers among the participants. The online platform can support the uploading the papers on the panel page.
Panels registration: 28th of June - 25th of July 2014
Paper abstract registration: 1st of August – 15th of September 2014
Abstract selection: 16th of September – 20th of September 2014
Conference programme: 27th of October 2014
Conference: 21st – 22nd of November 2014
Fees. Conference fees will cover the program, coffee breaks and a buffet dinner.
SASC members: 15 Euro (60 RON)
MA students: 15 Euro (60 RON)
PhD students: 20 Euro (80 RON)
Researchers and faculty: 25 Euro (100 RON)
Funding. SASC is offering some financial support contributing to the attendance costs of participants. The criteria for funding are:
All applications will be submitted via the online form.
Requests for funding may cover accommodation and/or travel; conference fees are mandatory.
Please keep the section 'reason' concise.
Deadline: 15th of Oct 2014
Conference committee: Remus Anghel (ISPMN), Călin Goina (UBB), Fosztó László (ISPMN), Raluca Perneș (UBB), Norbert Petrovici (UBB), Gabriel Troc (UBB).
Conference secretary: Andrada Tobias (UBB)
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Website:  http://socasis.ubbcluj.ro/sasc2014/