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SASC – Romanian Society for Social and Cultural Anthropology seeks to advance social anthropological teaching and research in Romania. It was established in 1990, by a group of scholars. It past presidents were Mihai Pop, folklorist and linguist trained in the Prague School of Linguistics, Vintila Mihailescu, anthropologist, National School of Political and Administrative Sciences and Enikö Magyari-Vincze, anthropologist, Babe?-Bolyai University. Since 1990, SASC has organized seven conferences and several workshops. Its membership grew significantly during the last few years, by attracting members from Romania and from abroad.

Historically, anthropology in Romania has developed mainly as domestic anthropology. Along this trend, a growing number of anthropologists from Romania study different societies. There are scholars who study in Ghana, Turkey, Cuba, Bulgaria, Egypt, Russia or India. Our annual conferences seek to capture this new development.


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